Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello Dolly

It's been so long since I last posted...grad school will do that to you!  Sucks the thoughts right out of your head.  I've been creating several collections of rags dolls in between papers and projects and it's time to show them off :)

My pride and joy - the Flower Pixie Collection.  Aren't they ridiculous?  Soooo girly.  I have a new batch coming soon, so stay tuned :)

And, my Fairy Tale Rag Dolls...I got so inspired by watching Once Upon a Time that I had to do some modern versions of classic characters...Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Rose Red.

I was so excited to finally get these guys made...I'd had them planned out for ages.  There don't seem to be too many brown-skinned handmade dolls out there, I just had to make a few!  I am totally in love with their hair...lots of elegant braids, saucy side buns, and Supremes-era bouffants.

Aaaaand finally, the hipsters.  You know they're hipsters because of the retro glasses, tattoos, and outerwear - hipsters love their scarves and vintage coats :)  Each one has her own hand-embroidered tattoo.

And guess what?  There are still even a few more collections to come...I think this is quite enough for one post :)