Monday, September 17, 2012

Taking a Breather

Wow...what a crazy couple of weeks!

I did the Schlafly Art Outside alternative art fair the weekend before was amazing.  Just.  Amazing.  This is hands-down my favorite art/craft show.  Amazing customers, great artists, great community.  I love that each year I've been part of the show (three years now), I've had lovely people come back to find me and see what I'm making or request custom items.  You guys are my favorite customers!!! Smooches!
Here's my booth!  I have some fantabulous new display pieces that my dad (the REAL Riley Construction) created for me, custom-sized to fit my inventory - boom!  This is only a little slice of the awesomeness.  It looked a little like heaven threw up in there, is what it looked like.  

Here are some of my booth helpers (my Mom, my Dad was probably walking around Maplewood, checking things out.  He likes to go on little expeditions).  My family is a bit like a Craft Show Swat Team - they swooped in on Saturday morning and helped me get everything up and out.  The Friday night before, we had a lot of rain so I packed everything back up to keep it dry, which meant that I had to scramble Saturday morning to get going.

Now HERE's the real trouper who helped me schlep heavy, terrible things across a hot parking lot, put up tent walls in the burning sun, buy cinder blocks for tent weights, and get trapped with me in the tent when it started to pour rain.  You know what you can do when you are trapped in your tent waiting out the monsoon?  Drink beer, throw goldfish crackers into the puddles, and laugh your face off.  Well, that's what we did, anyway.  You're looking at my Good Friend Kelly, lover of sloths, squeezer of plushies, smeller of nice smells.  And not only that, but she also helped me set up my tent (again) at Kirkwood Green Tree Festival the very next weekend.  Kelly, you rock.

Green Tree was a nice show too...I saw lots of old customers and new faces too :).  I got to see lots of happy little faces leaving with toys clutched in their hands. I ate food covered in fairground cheese.

So, long story short...I'm soooo tired!  I sold a ton of inventory, picked up some custom orders, and need to get right back in the saddle prepping for Strange Folk Festival, which is two weeks away.  
Or, maybe I will just take a nap.

See y'all around!