Friday, August 10, 2012

New at RileyCo - Fairy Wings!

Something new I've been working on that's really different from the plushies...fairy wings!  
A couple of months ago, I added custom fairy wings to a pixie for a really sweet customer, and now I have fairies on the brain.  I wanted to make wearable larger versions of the little wings.  

The tricky part is building a structure for the wings that is lightweight but sturdy.  There are lots of DIY coat-hanger-and-pantyhose tutorials on the interwebs, but I wanted something better quality, hence my foray into the world of galvanized steel wire and wire clippers.  They turned out beautifully, with a nice sturdy center and still light and wearable.  

As usual, nothing I make is complete until it is covered in fabric flowers and leaves :) - each pair has a nice fat hand-sewn rose and wool leaves in the center.  They attach by way of ribbon straps that tie over each arm, so they work for a variety of body shapes and sizes.  

    I'm debuting these, along with the amazing custom displays created by the REAL Riley Construction (my dad), at Schlafly's Art Outside art fair on Sept. 7-9. Come see me!

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