Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Product - Fantasy Fairy Crowns

I still have fairies on the brain...and now fairies on the head!  Ever since I made my first batch of fairy wings I've been sketching wildflower fairy crowns.  They're actually a sturdy wire circlet covered in moss-colored or white wool felt and festooned with felt flowers, leaves, and ribbon.

I am in love, love, love with these!  They are approximately 22 inches in circumference (hey, math!) and fit more properly on a child's head - that is to say, they sit lower down, just across the forehead, whereas on adults they sit farther back on the head.  

The white crowns are more summery - lots of pink, teal, and gold and the moss green crowns have a more autumnal feel with fall leaves and daisies, and even a wee acorn!

Anyhoo, take a gander at them.  I think I'll debut them at some fall art/craft festivals first before listing on Etsy, so come by my tent at Art Outside (Schlafly's alternative art fair on Sept 7-9), Kirkwood GreenTree Festival, and Strange Folk Festival (all in September).          

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